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(...) While other companies took their time to respond, Karl responded instantly and came as soon as the next day. His pricing was extremely fair in comparison to other companies. He conducted himself in an extremely professional manner and left my windows and gutters the cleanest I have ever seen them. (...)
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Third Generation Window and Gutter Cleaning van outside of home
Third Generation Window and Gutter Cleaning vans
Third Generation Window and Gutter Cleaning vans outside of a home

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How often do you have your windows cleaned? At Third Generation Window & Gutter Cleaning, it's our recommendation to have your windows cleaned at a minimum once per year but ideally twice per year (spring and fall). This will help to preserve the life of your windows and keep them sparkling for all to see.

Our Window Cleaning Methods

Our company utilizes two methods of window cleaning.

1: Traditional

The first is what we refer to as our traditional cleaning process which entails scrubbing the glass by hand to release any dirt, grime and debris, we then squeegee the solution off the glass and finally wipe down all the edges to prevent drips and streaks. This method is ideal for windows that have gone some time in between cleanings and windows with storms. Our traditional cleaning process is also used for all interior cleanings.

2: Water-Fed Pole

The second method of window cleaning that we utilize is with the use of a water-fed pole system. Our water-fed pole system is used solely for exterior cleanings. This process uses pure water which is deionized and has all minerals removed through filtration. This leaves behind spot-free results. This method is generally ideal for newer style windows without storms, hard-to-reach windows, conservatory roofs, greenhouses and sunrooms, solar panels, and windows that are cleaned on a recurring schedule.

The water-fed pole system allows us to access windows that were previously inaccessible or hard to reach by ladder, such as skylights. Cleaning windows via the water fed-pole system also allows us to clean not just the windows, but the frames as well, resulting in a better overall finish.

Skylight window cleaningThird Generation Window and Gutter Cleaning at workBright Sight Window employee up on ladder cleaning commercial windows in Appleton, WI

Our Traditional Window Cleaning Process:

Here is what to expect on the day of your cleaning:


Our team will arrive on time, in our uniforms, and we'll wear shoe coverings inside your home. You won't have to worry about there being any mess when we are finished because our window cleaning equipment is designed to prevent drips and spills. To ensure that there will not be any scuff marks or damage on your walls, we will put covers on the tops of all of our ladders.

All we ask of you before we arrive is to remove any items from the window sills and make sure there is a clear path to each window. We can take care of everything else and will move it back when we are finished!

Third Generation Window and Gutter Cleaning van in front of home
Ladders ready to clean windows in Framingham, MA


We begin by using a soft scrubber to scrub your windows and combine this with our tried and tested window cleaning solution. This solution is safe to use on all window film and is eco-friendly.


Next comes the squeegee! We remove all of the dirt that might be suspended in the cleaning solution.

Windows after cleaning seen from the inside
Home exterior after having windows cleaned


Then, we detail the edges of the glass using a lint-free towel. This ensures a spotless shine. We then wipe any loose dirt or solution from the window sill using a damp cloth.


To finish, we wipe your screens and frames with a damp cloth to give your windows the full, sparkling treatment!

Home windows and screen washing

*When it is necessary, we can also use a specially-designed glass scraper to remove any paint or tape, or other debris for you.

Dirty windows? Not on our watch.

Never worry about dirty windows for very long with your scheduled window cleaning service from Third Generation Window & Gutter Cleaning

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Enjoy Clean Windows Year-Round.

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I would like to convey that your crew did a WONDERFUL job! Our windows have never looked better. Certainly look forward to using your company again in the fall.
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Storm Window Cleaning

Our expert team members are trained to clean all types of windows and glass, including older-style windows with storms. With three generations of expertise, you can rest assured that your storm windows will be handled with care. Storm window cleaning entails carefully taking each storm window apart in order to clean all surfaces; we then carefully reassemble, leaving you with a picture-perfect view!

Window Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer interior as well as exterior cleaning?

Yes, we offer both interior and exterior cleaning. If you are interested in an exterior only cleaning we do offer this for certain types of windows.

Do you work on residential homes and commercial buildings?

We work on all styles of residential homes and commercial buildings up to 4 stories.

Do I need to remove my blinds and curtains?

We do not require you to remove your window treatments, our crews are trained to work around them.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the crew’s arrival?

We do ask that prior to our arrival you clear the window sills and that there is a clear path to each window. Our crews generally work from top to bottom, therefore we start on the top floors and work our way down.

How often do you recommend cleaning windows?

We recommend that windows be cleaned a minimum of once per year but ideally two times per year (spring and fall). We do offer cleaning maintenance packages. Please ask our office if you are interested in learning more.

What types of windows do you clean?

We clean all types and styles of windows.

What products do you use to clean the windows?

We use a biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cleaning solution that is safe on all surfaces.

Can windows be cleaned year-round?

Yes, we clean windows year-round, weather permitting.

Are you able to clean windows in the rain?

Yes, we are able to clean windows in the rain provided it is not heavy, wind-driven rain. If we feel that the weather will impact the results of the cleaning we will contact you to reschedule your cleaning.

Do you accept credit cards?

Third Generation Window and Gutter Cleaning proudly accepts all major credit cards for your convenience.

What needs to be done to prepare for my exterior only window cleaning?

For any exterior only window cleanings please ensure that any exterior window screens are unlocked or removed prior to our arrival.

Ask Us To Clean Your Window Screens!

Your screens get dirty just like your windows. We provide window screen cleaning service that can be done alongside your window cleaning!

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